Manifesto May 2015M – We will not be gagged. The fight goes on!

Texto publicado originalmente en el blog de Mayo2015M.
Esta traducción ha sido realizada en colectivo por Traducciones Indignadas con la tecnología de Titanpad.

Manifesto May 2015M
We will not be gagged. The fight goes on

On 15 May in 2011 in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, a movement was born. It soon became known as the 15M or “Indignad@s” movement, and spread to over 80 squares throughout Spain.

It was the birth of hope, change and, for many, a collective social awakening. It spread beyond all borders: we realized that we were not alone and we came together in public spaces, convinced that things had to change and ready to make that change.
We did it then and we are doing it now. We are inclusive, diverse and horizontal. We believe in equality, fairness and solidarity. Bringing together many points of view we are forging a new society together, using our collective intelligence, people’s assemblies and non-violence as our tools.
Four years of struggle, direct action and solidarity. Four years during which we have created mutual support networks, shared knowledge, developed critical thinking and constructed alternatives, receiving repression and media manipulation as the only response from the established powers.
Now with their Gag Law and changes to the criminal code, they are denying us our right to come together and criminalizing those who protest and question the system.

They do not represent us. We are still in the streets. We permeate everything that happens and everything that is, all their banners and everything kept over from the olden days, each of us bearing inside the seed of social change.
And this is where we are going to stay, no matter who is in government, saying loud and clear which way we want to go.
We renounce their wars and occupations, their neoliberal free trade agreements (e.g. the TTIP), their debts and their austerity programs – implemented in the form of privatization of common resources and public services, evictions, wage cuts, loss of rights, unemployment, insecurity, the destruction of the planet and the imposition of a chauvinist, patriarchal system.
We continue to fight for decent employment, the right to a home, quality public services, regulation of the banks, progressive taxation, cuts in military spending, freedom, democracy, the cancellation of an illegitimate debt used to dominate, repress and strangle nations and people, environmental justice and food sovereignty. We demand justice, proposing alternatives to the capitalist system of production, distribution and consumption and defending the inherent dignity of all persons, which means accepting their sexual diversity and the right to gender self-determination.

The 15M movement continues to stand for change in social and political awareness at personal and group level that no law can reverse.

We call on social movements around the world to continue to build spaces where people can come together and work with each other….. 

Against a system which sees us as no more than sheep and where we are allowed to participate only when it is time to vote, we stand for people’s assemblies, the liberation of spaces for public use, self-empowerment, disobedience, non-partisan democracy and collectivism as essential political tools, tools which develop and reinforce our capacity to think, act and exercise our political freedoms.

Against the monologue of the system we pit the power of the assemblies. 
We are still taking the streets!

Read the original text in spanish [here].



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